As brands jostle for mindshare among the audience, marketers resort to newer techniques to draw more prospective customers. One of the significant trendsetters in the increased use of videos by brands to send out their message. Studies show that around 92% of marketers viewed videos as critical to their strategies. Moreover, approximately 88% of marketers stated that video marketing helped them with positive RoI.

(Source: Smart Insights)

Videos can help you reach out to a larger audience and gradually become a must-have in marketing strategies. It is fine, but you must hone your video marketing skills to have a higher RoI.

Define the audience

Like all your other campaigns, it helps define your audience before you create the storyboard for the video. You may make several different personas depending on the demographics. It will require you to do some research and understand what your audience likes. You can dive into historical data to refine your audience and how you must personalise your videos to ensure they receive the message you wish to send out.

Plan your activities

It is essential to plan your approach. You must have a proper strategy to reach out to your audience. You must keep in mind the buyer’s journey and create the videos accordingly. Integrating the buyer’s journey and creating the required videos is essential for a perfect marketing strategy.

Awareness. You can use fun videos or explainer videos to explain to your audience how you are solving a problem.

Consideration. You can use a miniaturised demo or use case study videos. In this stage, your prospects understand their problem and are looking for a solution.

Decision. The prospects are on the verge of deciding. You can use instructional videos or an FAQ video to help the prospects when they are searching for a solution.

Advocacy. You can engage with your customers and use testimonials or troubleshooting videos.

Using the ideal tools

The tools you use can make the difference needed for your videos to go viral. Always research the tools that are ideal for letting your creative juices flow. Your video maker should have loads of pre-defined templates which will reduce the time needed to create a video. The software must be simple to use and flexible too. You can also choose a scheduler to make your videos go live on your social media channels at the ideal time.

Align your videos with your overall strategy

You must keep in mind that the videos must get with your overall branding strategy. Once you have the broader goals in place, it will be easier to create the storyboard for all your videos across the buyer's journey. Your videos must also have SMART goals on their own. You must use a variety of statistics to measure the goals of these videos.


When creating the videos, you must keep them in sync with your overall brand image. Also bear in mind the social media channels where you will post the videos. When posting the videos, you must use the relevant hashtags to ensure better viewership. For publishing on your video channels like YouTube, you must research video keywords so that your videos rank well.

Make proper use of analytics

Feedback is essential to improve your videos. And what better than using the ideal KPIs to analyse the performance of your videos. We will discuss some of the KPIs that you can use.

Viewership. It shows how many times users have viewed your videos.

Number of shares. It is the number of shares your video is receiving across different social media channels.

Completion rate. It shows how many viewers have seen your complete videos.

Play Rate. It provides information on the number of people who are watching your videos. It is the ratio of the number of people watching your video to the number of impressions.

Summing up!

While we know that content is king, it is also necessary to use videos to engage with your target market. It is because your audience prefers a short video about the solutions you offer. You must align the message of your videos with the overall brand image. A stunning video can go viral within a short time and help to increase mindshare among your audience. So, keep improvising and roll out engaging videos for your target market.

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