The competitive marketspace has seen brands jostling for space. Marketers are trying to find out newer techniques to reach out to their audience. Content has been a critical way to enthuse a feeling of thought leadership in the audience's minds. Using infographics and engaging in formal discussions has been a traditional way by which brands try to improve their outreach. We are now seeing a shift in focus toward enticing videos across the renowned brands. Mark Zuckerberg himself feels that the future of Instagram and Facebook is in videos. The fast-paced digital world makes people make a shift towards viewing more videos.

The audience loves videos

People prefer to see videos that allow them to develop a connect with the brand. It helps them visualise the brand, and the marketers also find it easier to send out their messages. Moreover, videos are more informative, making it easier for the audience to understand why the videos were created. It helps to create a robust storyboard based on the likings of the audience. The content can also withstand the test of time and enhance customer satisfaction.

Videos can quickly go viral

Videos are usually targeted at the audience based on where they are placed across the buyer's journey. Marketers are known to establish their strategies around the videos that are being created. They have longed to use a different method to reach their target market. Research shows that social media videos generate 1200% more shares than generic content. Videos have helped them to reach a larger audience. And if they plan it carefully, the videos can quickly go viral. It is based on their creativity to weave a story that will easily connect with the audience.

Better brand recognition

Humans are known to process videos better as the brain can process visuals better than texts. It is easier to remember the videos we watch than the messages we read. It is also necessary to ensure that you create a strong communication message that can strike a chord with the target market. While engaging content can be a strong foundation for a strong brand, a consistent brand story can resonate more with the audience. People can readily recognise the brand through the style and the voice that is used in the videos.

Influencers prefer videos

As marketers continue to enhance brand awareness, they have come across a section of social media users who have a large number of followers. Influencers are preferred too as they provide a humane side to a brand. Moreover, brands can easily reach out to a large section of the audience. The audience can also relate to an influencer more who enthuse a sense of trust too. The influencers too prefer to use videos to reach out to their followers. They feel that it makes them connect better to the brand and makes the reviews more interesting to watch.

Improve SEO

Whenever you create a video, always ensure that it is optimised for video search. The target market is trying to search for more videos. If you have a video on your site, the visitors are bound to spend more time on your site. It helps build the trust signals that the search engines need when ranking your site during keyword search by users. Moreover, search engines will also direct more users to sites that have videos. It will also help to convert more prospects at a lower RoI.


The adoption of engaging content has been increasing. The audience prefers to associate themselves with brands that have a better connect with them. As marketers try new ways to reach the audience, they are moving towards creating engaging videos to enhance brand awareness. Videos with a strong storyboard and a proper flow of videos across the customer's journey can have a robust pipeline of prospects. It is necessary to have creative minds that will help develop videos with which the target market can easily relate. Most of them can quickly generate hundreds of views and go viral within a short time.

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