To become an influencer nowadays is not an easy thing. It requires dedication, hard work, energy and your time. It’s not something you can achieve overnight. An influencer is a person who has a huge number of fan following on social accounts and people are actually influenced by him or her. Influencers have a special place in our society. As people approach them and ask about their opinions. These opinions matter a lot.

How to start?

Now the first question which comes to your mind when you want to become influenced is how to start it? Instead of using the term influencer people call them bloggers. Believe me, every other person is a blogger today. You will agree to my point if you are a frequent social media user like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Instagram is basically linked to Facebook and only involves pictures and short videos. Over the past few years, people have started using Instagram more as compare to other social apps. Start by making your social media account. This is very simple and you will be good to go in just a few minutes. But before making your influencer account you need to have a defined goal for your content. Do you need to have a proper answer in your mind for why are you starting it in the first place? What is your inspiration?

This all needs to be sorted before you make your account.


Every person has a different set of interests. Some like makeup, others love jewelry. This is what girls like. If we talk about boys they love traveling or technology stuff. So you see interests matter a lot of you want to become an influencer. Don’t start makeup blog if you hate it. It will end up making you feel bad for yourself.

What do you need?

This era is all about competition and socializing. You will hear the news later but will see on Instagram. Media is fast and if you want to come with it then you need certain tools. So if you want to become a beauty influencer then first you need to have a good camera. I’m not saying some high-quality DSLR which you can not afford. But a decent and a good resolution mobile phone camera will be fine. If you want to become an influencer then work on your photography skills. If you are bad at taking pictures then I’m sorry this platform is not for you. Try your luck somewhere else.

Photography is a key element in becoming an influencer. Good photos will help you gain millions of followers on Instagram and another social media app. No one sees a blurry or low-quality picture. Everyone wants to see an HD quality picture or video. Just see ourselves. Don’t we prefer HD dramas and seasons.? Moreover even having a good camera people suck at taking good quality pictures. To improve your skills tatake classes or attend photography walks. It will help you out a lot in making big fans around the globe. Instagram is the most trending social media app on the whole world and has thousands of influencers account in it.


It’s not that you can start influencer work without any money. You need some cash. If you want to become a traveling blogger then you must have to travel otherwise who would follow you. If you are a food blogger you are going to spend a lot of dollars on fancy or basic restaurants. Be aware food tasting can also make you fat. What would a beauty influencer be if she doesn’t have money to invest in good makeup products.

So people who say that you don’t need money for becoming an influencer they are wrong.


Now, this is so important and should be like a punching line for all the influencers. You cannot get famous overnight. It will take time. Time duration can vary from months to a year. It all depends on the quality of the content you are posting on your account. None meaningful content will not be admired by your fans and will not wins people, heart. In start just forget about the number of followers. Work on your content.


The caption is defined as a line or some words under a picture which will define its purpose. Now for becoming a good influencer, you need to work on your captions. Googling some deep quotes or one line is not enough. Write on your own and try to express yourself. what you feel and what is your experience. Write long captions but only if you can handle it otherwise people will leave your post in the center. Use catchy and attractive phrases. Use famous local poetry to give your context a more aesthetic feeling. Search and read about famous influencers. You will get to know their styles, captions and other important stuff.

Follow your heart and write about it. It will definitely bring you a lot of followers.

Public relations

Or is a very common term for influencers. Honestly, this is the thing for which every blogger is waiting. Keep in mind that you are not an influencer definitely PR packages and gifts from famous brands. You are using this platform to impart some knowledge and information for your followers. Besides this when you reach a certain amount of followers and people start loving your content then many renowned brands will approach you. These are brands related to your influence. Beauty bloggers will get new makeup products. Clothing influencers will get a chance to have a new clothing line for some of the famous brands in the market. So it will be your area of the specification.

This is the perk of becoming an influencer. But hold on you can’t misuse this a gift. You need to be honest and 100 % true in your reviews and opinions. Because this is why people love you and follow you. Don’t post a fake review to promote any brand so it can get publicity. This will be wrong and very bad for all those people who look up to you.

Brands will make you pressurized to post their fake reviews in return of gifts but you need to remain calm and cool. Simply reject their offer. Instead, tell the world about these people by posting Instagram stories. This will develop more trust in you from your followers.


You are not perfect and mistakes happen from a human. Dong lose confident and be yourself. Don’t fake anything and be real. Moreover, use your own content. Copying is a son in every industry. People will love your work as long as it is genuine. Otherwise, copyright claimers will come to haunt you. Don’t be artificial in your content. Everyone wants to talk about current affairs and in a different mode of talking. Don’t indulge yourself in fancy stuff. Engage with the audience. Make questions and polls so they can reach you out.

Give a proper response to every comment on your post so your followers don’t feel left out or sad.

These are some pretty basic stuff which you need to know if you are planning on becoming a blogger in the future.

Best of luck!

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