Instagram is one of the most trending social media applications in industry. People are following the latest influencers and bloggers on this application. It works only on pictures and small videos. Half of our day is being spent on this amazing app and watching our favourite bloggers pictures and videos. At least I do it very frequently. I'm sure you also do these things whenever you have free time. Getting verified on it is a dream of every influencer. People congratulate bloggers and influencers who get verified. It means you are authentic and no one can take it away from you. Everything you will post from onwards will belong to you and you will be the owner of them.

I have seen many people crying out of joy once their Instagram is verified. I'm sure this is not a case with you but some people take their accounts very seriously. They have invested years of struggle and money for getting what they need. In the end, when they achieve something official, they cannot control their tears of joy.

Now let’s talk about what is meant by the verification on Instagram.? It is a check that appears next to your name of account when searched on Instagram. It means that Instagram has officially confirmed and verified that this account is related to an authentic public figure, influencer or a celebrity.

Benefits of getting verified on Instagram

Following are some of the pros of getting a blue tick on your Instagram account:

1.      You are officially recognized as a public figure.

2.      People will follow you more and will take your work and content seriously.

3.      It will help people and brands to find you easily.


Many people think that it is a very long procedure and you also have to pay some kind of money for the verification fee. But this is not the case. Now let’s come to the part where we will talk about the whole procedure through which you will get verified on Instagram. But before starting this keep in mind only those people are verified by Instagram who is some celebrity, any influencer or a leading brand. Not everyone can be verified on Instagram.

1.      First of all, make sure that you are logged in from the account which you want to verify. You cannot verify another person's account.

2.      Now go to settings, click on account, then go to request verification.

3.      Enter your complete name and the verified information for identification (example: Government provided photo ID).

Keep in mind one thing that requesting verification doesn’t mean you are going to be verified.

What happens after applying for a verification badge?

Instagram will never ask you to verify yourself or ask about the verification payment.

They will review your request and Instagram authorities will let you know your status. Moreover, don’t be sad. If your request is cancelled you can apply for a new verification request after a month. Always remember that Instagram can cancel your verification at any moment if

1.      You are verifying on behalf of any other person. It means you are using the identity of another second person to get your account verified. It’s a crime.

2.      If you are trying to advertise, sell or transfer your verification.

3.      Using your personal information to promote any other person.

Don’t be sad if your Instagram account is not verified. You could link your Facebook or Twitter account to tell people you are authentic.

Requirements for getting a verified account on Instagram

It’s not like everyone will get a verified account on Instagram. There are certain parameters which will be checked and analyze by Instagram authorities:

·        Authentic

The person, company or business to whole this account is linked must be authentic. False or fake accounts are caught right away by the Instagram authorities which will end up in closing your account. So, don’t try to make these people fool with your fake identity. Provide your correct information to these people.

·       Unique

Your account must have some unique characteristics and content which make it outstanding amongst the others. Dog memes page cannot be verified as it is of no use to the general public.

·        Complete profile

Your profile must have a bio and a profile picture. It should be a public account. No add on links of any type should be present on your account. You must have at least one person following you on your Instagram account which tells about the authenticity of your account.

·       Notable

Your account should be considered a well-known and notable account. Services and news should talk about it and we don’t verify an account which gets paid reviews.

Any misleading information in this verification process will cancel your request and can also result in the termination of your account. So Be careful while providing your information.

Facebook vs Instagram

People also complain that although I'm verified on Facebook then why not here on Instagram. Even though both apps are connected. So, the answer is pretty simple that only high impersonated accounts on Instagram have a verified badge.

Quality content

Instagram has some policies and regulations which will check before giving you your blue tick. You need to focus on your content. Make it good and attractive otherwise no one will see it. If you say yourself a beauty blogger and you post pictures of food all the time then what will be your status. No one will believe in your title and designation. So, your content values to a great extent. Quality comes after the content. If you have been posting best content then I'm sure you will focus on quality as well.


People think that verification has to do something with their followers. Absolutely not. The number of followers will not get you verified. It is just another point to measure your fan following and how much people get inspiration from your work. Focus on your posts and followers will automatically increase. If you are posting the right stuff then don’t worry at all for the followers. They will definitely follow you back.


Everything takes time. Slow and steady wins the race. People who are impatient do silly things to get verified and usually get caught during their actions. So, I will suggest you stay away from these shortcuts and focus on a bigger picture. The time required for verification is one month but it can be more in case of any problem.  

Be optimistic once you have applied for verification. Don’t worry if your request is not approved. Work on the feedback provided to you by the Instagram team and apply again with true spirit. I'm sure this time they will not let you down. In the meantime, link your Facebook or Twitter account on Instagram so that people know you are authentic and not making them fool. Not all the prayers are answered at a time.

I have seen many influencers without getting verified they are in the hearts of people. It is all due to the quality content that they post on their feed. I hope this blog has answered most of your questions regarding getting verified on Instagram.

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