Money is a basic necessity of everyone. If you want to survive in this world then the money is all you need. Nowadays social media applications like Instagram also help you out in making money. All you need is just an idea and a path to work on. It will definitely make you earn some good amount.

You must have seen many Instagrammers who are cashing on the pictures they snap every day. You might have thought of doing the same after looking at your limited following. Instagrammers like other social media apps struggle and influence many people around them with the content they produce on their accounts.  

These things benefit the Instagrammers a lot whether they want to make their own empire or just want some cash and free stuff. In the past, Instagram was sued for photo sharing but now it is a business platform which can be sued for shopping, e-commerce and business owners.

You might think about how people make money with Instagram? Can I make money too from Instagram? How can I do it? The following blog will help you clear out all your misconceptions and will give you a proper guideline if you want to make money with Instagram.


1.      You can act as a medium for sponsored brands who want the advertisement of their products.  

2.      You can also become a partner with famous brands and can earn money by selling their products.

3.      You can make your own clothing line, jewellery or other stuff for selling. In this way, all profit will be in your hands and it is the best option to start a business by just sitting at your home.

4.      If you are a good photographer and have good tools for it then trust me you can earn thousands and millions through Instagram. Make your own photography page with the contact details for approaching you. In this way, people will reach out to you for capturing their family or wedding functions and you will start making money in no time.

Business models

Instagram is the best platform for selling those products which look good in pictures. If you are beautiful too then it will increase the capital of your income as you can use your skills for selling these products to the general public. It will also help you obtain a lot of fan following.

Following are some of the basic business ideas which almost everyone can follow if he or she wants to make money with Instagram:

·       Influencer

If you are an influencer then you can get paid by promoting products of a certain brand. An influencer is a person who has quality content and a huge amount of fan following. People rely on them and take them seriously. This blogging business has spread to a great extent in the past few years.  

Famous brands pair up with the top influencers so they can sell their products to their clients. They make them agree to buy a specific product. Influencers have to work a lot on many different things at the same time. They have to manage their following number as well as the quality of the content they are posting on their feed.

Top influencers earn thousands of dollars by posting a sponsored post. Imagine posting one sponsored post every day and in this way, no one can stop you to make tens of thousands on a monthly basis. An influencer promotes the brand stuff by posting it in their stories or creating a separate post for it. As an influencer, you need to know about your audience. That what is the taste of your followers and what would they like to buy or see on your feed.

Switch to an Instagram business account and you will get an analytics report based on the interests of your followers. Now you must be thinking that how to find these brands and work on the sponsored posts. According to my opinion, you don’t have to reach them. If you are influential enough in the society these brands will reach out to you on their own. Or maybe you could talk with famous brands on your own and can negotiate the terms of sponsored posts.

Your followers are your asset. They trust you a lot so you must prefer to mention the term sponsored in your posts or just add #sponsored at the end.

·       Affiliate programs

Sell other people products and make money on Instagram. Many affiliates earn a lot of money. There are many people present who are making money on Instagram in this way.

Difference between an influencer and an affiliate is that an affiliate is working to earn a commission by making sales for a specific brand. On the other hand, an influencer is aiming to create awareness among the general public.

Trackable link or promo codes are used by these affiliates to make money on Instagram. With every click on these links sales are increased.  

Make the posts engaging without being pushy for your followers. Since you can only add one link in your bio but a landing page can help you out in this matter. Make landing pages and add a caption in it mentioning that the link to this purchase is present in bio.

When you start as an affiliate it may sound very challenging. But at the same time, there are many options for growing if you want to expand your business. You can do this by adding a website or socialized through or other marketing channels.

·       Sell photography

Instagram is all about sharing photos. You can also make money by sharing people’s art, posters, animations, drawings and work.  In every post mention your readers to visit the bio for the link. This is another way of making money on Instagram.

If you think you take high-quality pictures then there is a chance you will get paid for it. But don’t restrict yourself to taking photos. Use the different editing software to make your picture look more amazing. Try to be original as much as possible while taking pictures.

Sell your own products

Why work for another party? You can also make your money by selling physical objects and stuff. E.g. you can sell china stuff on Instagram through your posts and stories mentioning the site from where your followers can buy stuff.

You will need a separate store room for storing all these products safely in your home. Otherwise, they can get damaged.

·       Drop shipped products

It is another excellent business which can be easily done through Instagram.

Drop shipping involves taking orders from the customers and telling the supplier about the stuff. He will deliver that product to the customer doorstep without you having to worry about the packaging and delivering of the product. Not any kind of warehouse or inventory is required in the drop shipping business. This also works in the same manner as other ideas are working on Instagram.

Should I make money through Instagram?

This all depends on you and how much you can invest your time and energy in it. Money cannot be earned overnight. Hard work, patience and a lot of struggle are required for it.


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