The business has moved online. With the huge number of visitors searching for their required brands online, brand managers use their creative minds to design websites to appeal to their audience. The website is the mouthpiece of the brands and is gradually becoming the prime method to enhance the pipelines of leading brands. Brands are also using creative search engine optimisation methods to ensure that the websites rank higher during a keyword search.

It becomes essential to have an experienced set of SEO experts in your team to ensure that you are also on the right side of the frequent changes in search rankings parameters. It would be better to hire an experienced SEO consultant to help you devise white-hat strategies to help your website rank higher during a keyword search. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways how you can do so.

Content is king!

You need to know that it is essential to create content that will keep your visitors engrossed. You must formulate a robust content marketing strategy to help you. Researching your competitors can help you in understanding the topics that are currently in vogue. Several websites can help you. It is also essential to first finalise the regions you will target with your solutions. Based on this, you must finalise the keywords that you will use.

It is also essential to have a proper mix of content, images, graphics, videos, blogs and articles, etc. While creating the content, your team must fit them into the audience's shoes and understand what they usually search online. There are various websites to help you. Google Trends and SEMRush can help you with this activity. While creating the content, it becomes essential to understand the stage in the buying process the visitor is in. You must create separate content for the various stages in the buying process.

Utilise the benefits of social media

Social media must be used to the hilt to help reach out to a larger audience. The frontline channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even LinkedIn can be the channels of your choice. They have billions of subscribers, and you must have a strong social media strategy for your content too. However, it must be in sync with your overall branding strategy. Always have a link back to your website or your blogs to increase footprints to your site.

Apart from posting on social media, you must actively participate in groups. Create your closed groups and initiate meaningful discussions. It will help you to enthuse a sense of thought leadership in the minds of the target market. You must allow visitors to your blogs to share the content they like. Have social buttons on your blogs that will enable the visitors to share the content with their connections.

Online directories can help too

Marketers are always on the lookout to increase brand awareness. You can do this by enlisting your website on several product directories that are available. Having said this, you must only enrol your brands on the renowned ones that are available. Some of them would be Software Suggest, Capterra, etc. These websites have a high number of footfalls and enlisting on them will help you in drawing more visitors to your site,

You must look for the directories that would be best for your industry. You must create an appealing profile and tag your brand to the categories where you belong. Also, publish lots of testimonials you have received from your clients. It will help you to improve your ranking in specific categories. Your business's details must also be published on Google My Business that can also help in search rankings.

Influencers can draw visitors too

One of the late entrants to most marketing strategies is the influencers. Studies show that the influencer marketing sector could reach US$ 15 billion by 2022. They are a set of people who have a large number of followers from your audience. Your brands can easily reach out to a larger audience and help to enhance your brand awareness. You can enter into a formal alliance with the influencers and decide on the type of content that their audience prefers. Based on this discussion, you must create the relevant content for the influencers.

You must reach out to the influencers that are relevant for your business. Several websites can help you search for the ideal influencers for your brand. You can maximise the RoI from this strategy by selecting the influencers based on your budget. Their rates per post depending on the number of followers they have.


Marketers are always searching for ways to enhance the number of visitors to their website. While they increase brand awareness, it will also help to have better search rankings. In hindsight, your website must have the relevant content to prevent visitors from bouncing away. We have provided an idea of how you can draw more visitors to your site. You can include them in your marketing strategy apart from SEO.

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