Reasons you should shift from image to video marketing

Brands have been trying newer strategies to woo their audience for a long time. We understand that content is king! Hence blogs and infographics have been the buzzword for a long time. However, studies show that at least 86% of businesses use videos in some form as a part of their marketing strategy. It is necessary to have the tools in place to create engaging videos. While you can continue to use images in your social media posts, it is time that you concentrated on creating videos that will help address the needs of all your prospects across the buyer's journey. This article will discuss some of the reasons businesses must shift to video marketing soon.

Videos enhance conversions

Videos allow your brand to speak out and reach out to your audience in a better way. Studies show that introducing videos can boost conversions by around 80%. One of the reasons is that it becomes easier to visualise a brand as most visual gets transmitted to your brain directly. An explainer video can strike a better cord with the target market than what you would achieve with infographics. It is necessary to have a robust storyboard that is in sync with your overall branding strategy.

Showcases your brands better

You have been using engaging pictures to showcase your brands. Imagine if you were to guide your prospects through interactive videos, wouldn’t it lead to more mindshare for the brand. The level of engagement changes as a whole. The videos can help your brand to connect with the audience directly. Optinmonster states that video marketers can garner at least 66% more leads every year. Videos also achieve around 54% enhancement in brand awareness.

Ensures more trust

You had been using images to engage with your audience and have been with reasonable success. Your success is bound to increase manifold. The videos can allow you to have an enhanced level of interaction with your audience. It helps to enthuse a sense of trust in your target market and help ignite emotions. Videos also do not take much time to go viral. The greater the reach of videos, it can help gain more of your audience's trust.

Preferred by search engines

A report from Searchmetrics states that around 62% of Google search results include a video while 8 out of 10 video results are from YouTube. One of the reasons could be that a video on your site increases the time spent by a visitor on your site. The bounce rates can also get reduced, and this enhances your search rankings too. You must remember to optimise your videos for YouTube search results.

Videos explain better

If you talk to any graphic designer, they can readily tell you that it is easier to structure a video based on a storyboard that creates an infographic that will state the same message. No wonder your audience says that they find short videos more useful than images on your posts. Creating animated videos can help bring several concepts to life that make it easier for the prospects to gather more knowledge about the products and address their queries.

Ensures more shares

People prefer to go through videos that help them to gather the necessary information about their favourite brands. The number of marketers who readily use videos in the communications messages has been increasing rapidly. With brands focusing on their online presence, they are also creating short videos that users can also share. Studies also show that users are twice as likely to share videos with their acquaintances than any other content.


Brands are always on the lookout for new and appealing strategies to enhance engagement with their target market. Traditionally, marketers have been using images to reach out to their audience with loads of success. However, of late, there has been a shift towards including more videos in their marketing strategies. Creative storyboards are created to create enticing videos that can lead to better engagement with the target market. Specialised videos can also boost conversion rates, thereby the overall RoI of the marketing strategy. Creative videos too, do not take much time to go viral. Videos allow only creative minds to survive!

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