Reality Force

Real Estate Brokers

The Unique Challange

The challenge was to promote AIX Investment Group as a fully reliable investors’ platform. From research to communication ideas it was a journey treaded with deep understanding consumer behaviour and decision making process.

Real State
Platform & Scope of Work
UX Design
Visual Design
Content Strategy
Front End Development

The Unique Challange

The realty market in UAE is too competitive. The incumbent players must carve a niche and use their
websites properly to enhance audience outreach. The client is an award-winning realty force in UAE. However, they were weak in their communication strategy. They had a static website that had several technical and content-related issues. The design had to be simple and let the properties take
centre stage on the site.

The website had several UX related issues that were driving away visitors and leading to a higher bounce rate. It was also not responsive for hand-held devices, which is crucial for ranking higher during search rankings. It was also necessary to have a cleaner design with adequate white spaces, optimised images, listings, and client testimonials.

Solution Provided

Our website design experts in Dubai visited the client and had extensive discussions about their business objectives. We understood an inherent need to design a website on WordPress that would be enticing enough to draw visitors to the website. The client wanted to go live with the new website within a short time.

We did a site analysis of the incumbent website, tried to understand the flaws, and discussed it with
the client. The client understood the problems, and we proposed the corresponding solutions to provide an instant remedy to the issues at hand. We helped them with a mobile-responsive website with proper designs and layouts of the web pages as per the latest best practices.


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