Kido Protect

The Best Android Parental Control Solution.

February, 2022

Real time reporting, rich list of useful features, full control of child's devices, be more assured about your child's safety and wellbeing on the internet. Their safety and wellbeing is our goal.

All the features any parent could need are available on Kido Protect. We have thought about all scenarios parents could need to monitor their child's activity on the internet and to feel more comfortable about what they are doing. Kido Protect Parental Control


Kido Protest's primary color is Orange. Without getting in a way, orange is warn, inviting and add a touch of luxury.


We chose tofino because of its versatility
across screens, devices, and websites. It
limits distractions and it’s very easy to read.

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Client's Testimonial

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Mr Creative Social has been able to successfully accomplish their tasks. Their incredible project management workflow and their communicative approach enable them to maintain a solid partnership. The team's professionalism also encourages ongoing collaboration.
Boukedjar Lahcene
Owner & General Manager,